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Restore the beauty of your roof

Have you ever wondered what those black stains are running down your roof?  Chances are it’s not mold, but Algae. Algae are living organisms that live and thrive on your roof.  Call Boyer Roofing Co and we’ll professionally treat your roof to kill off the algae and improve the look of your roof.


Algae live on your shingles and cause those unsightly dark streaks on your roof. Algae can spread from one side of your roof to the other. Also, algae can spread from one roof to the other.  It is our opinion that algae do not actually damage your roof. We’ll use a gentle non-toxic spray to safely kill the live algae. You then have the option of having us spray rinse the algae off or let Mother Nature’s rain take it off over time.

“Just a note to express our satisfaction with everyone and everything on our roofing job. We were impressed with the very professional approach everyone took and their attention to detail.” “My wife and I were both completely satisfied with the total job.” Please put us on your satisfied customer list.


-Dick M. - Portage


That’s the green stuff that grows on your shingles. The moss attaches to the exposed bottom edges and to the butted ends of your shingles. The moss holds moisture and prevents your shingles from fully drying out after a rainfall. This moisture is detrimental to the life of your roof covering. Treating the moss as soon as you notice it will extend the life of your roof. Care must be taken not to damage the shingles because the moss has attached itself to the weakest part of your shingle.


Lichen is the light greenish or grayish color of growth you see on your roof.  It is also common on the north side of tree trunks. Lichen attaches itself to the stone granules on your shingles. Extreme care must be taken when removing lichen from your roof as they are attached to the stone granules which protect your shingles from the elements. Our treatment consists of spraying the algae to kill off the growth. Once the roof is treated, we’ll carefully power rinse the lichen off your roof. You can contact Boyer Roofing Co today for a quote.

Keep your roof clean of unsightly algae, moss and lichen.


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