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Choose your roofing contractor wisely

It’s astonishing that the majority of property owners in a published survey would not hire their last roofer again. . . . Don’t fall victim yourself.

Protect yourself from expensive repairs later on

Always request a detailed proposal with everything in writing. Don't settle for; "It's included" or Yep, we'll do that". Have the contractor put it in writing; it only takes a few more minutes at the beginning and will save you hours of aggravation at the end. If it’s not in writing, chances are you’re not getting it. There are no “tricks of the trade”. There are “short cuts” that will compromise the integrity of your new roof.

“Boyer Roofing replaced the roof at my childhood home 9 years ago. They did an excellent job and were very courteous.” “When it came to re-roofing my new home, it was a no brainer who to call. The price was good and they made sure I won’t have to replace my roof for a good long time.”


-Maureen W. - Valparaiso

What kind of workmanship will you receive?

Everybody claims to do quality work. Look further than a contractor's most recent references. Recently finished jobs have not stood the test of time. All kinds of hidden roof leaks arise from shoddy contractors claiming to be the best. Ask for referrals from family, friends, co-workers, etc. Ask the ones who had their roof replaced several years ago. They will know by now whether they got a top notch job or not.

You wouldn’t compare and apple to an orange

Some differences aren’t as obvious at first glance. At Boyer Roofing Co we put the details in writing and review them with you. That way you’ll rest easy knowing you are going to receive unequaled quality. We provide roof inspection, repairs, replacement, and roof cleaning services.

Need roof repairs? Choose a roofing contractor that takes care of all your needs.

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