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Protect your investment

Chimneys project above the roof line and are vulnerable to all the elements. Chimneys require special attention to prevent costly damage, from water penetration. Starting from checking chimney caps, to ensuring the flashing is installed correctly; trust our professional to help you out with everything.


Being in the business since 1987, Boyer Roofing Co has been providing extensive and reliable chimney repair and maintenance services around Valparaiso, IN.

Chimney flashing and repair service

Your chimneys can be the most neglected part of your home. The only time you notice them is when they actually start leaking. By then damage may have already occurred. Trust our skilled tradesmen to correctly perform repairs necessary to ensure your chimney is watertight.

“We have had the pleasure of dealing with Boyer Roofing for more than two decades and have consistently received courteous, responsible and considerate professional attention to our roofing needs, from simple repairs to annual maintenance to whole roof replacement. Boyer’s work is professionally thorough, carefully completed, always with immediate, competent attention to detail and never less than entirely satisfactory."


-Howard & Judith P. - Valparaiso

We Perform reliable chimney maintenance

The first step to preventing water damage is to thoroughly inspect and repair flashing to ensure it is watertight. The second step in preventing water damage is to make necessary repairs to cracks and damaged crowns. We can follow up with “breathable” water repellant to protect porous masonry from further water penetration.

We care for your chimneys

Our team will provide excellent tips and insight on how to take care of your chimney and save you a lot of money in the future.

Trust our professionals to take care of your chimneys from checking waterproofing and sealing crown caps to installing flashlights.


CTA Chimney Bricks Worker